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    Where is that space coming from?

    You can literally add separated light rail in the center and bike lanes next to the sidewalk and there would still be two car lanes left, one for each direction.

    What about areas where buildings are too close to the street to allow this?

    This street is too narrow to add a dedicated sidewalk, right?

    Which is why the blue square sign is there: The speed limit on this street is walking pace and pedestrians have priority on the entire road.

    Therefore: Put bicycle lanes wherever possible, reduce the speed limit where it isn’t.

  • Uh I had to quickly look at Wikipedia but apparently the reason it’s transcribed with Ph is:

    At the time these letters were borrowed, there was no Greek letter that represented /f/: the Greek letter phi ‘Φ’ then represented an aspirated voiceless bilabial plosive /ph/, although in Modern Greek it has come to represent /f/.)

    And so out of the various vav variants in the Mediterranean world, the letter F entered the Roman alphabet attached to a sound which the Greeks did not have.

    So Greeks pronounced Phi differently from F and somehow someone decided that it should be transcribed as Ph because it sounded different from the transcriber’s sound of F. Maybe the Phi symbol just looked like a P.