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  • Certainly, quality can be subjective, but there’s an argument to be made that quality can be fairly easily objectively deemed “quite bad” when it turns out you translate something as the opposite of its intention (such as what famously happened in BotW in the English translation) or completely alter things such that something like a timeline is no longer internally consistent within the same game (tarrey town in TotK, along with lurelin).

    That said, yes, obviously, they should be able to talk about it- I was mostly making a tongue in cheek reference to the fact that the Zelda translations have been objectively quite bad two games in a row.

  • That’s kind of a bold claim, as it always seemed to me that the ‘smart people aren’t having kids while dumb people are’ wasn’t about eugenics, but about cultural norms- dumb parents aren’t going to encourage critical thinking, going to school, valuing intelligence, or any number of things to their kids. Moreover, dumb parents aren’t going to want, or be able, to provide their kids the sort of resources needed for that kid to shine even if the kid DID want to go against the local grain and focus on those things, because dumber people generally tend to make less money.

    More to the point, lack of intelligence is, generally, more based in environment and means, not personal ability- people usually aren’t dumb because they’re inherently dumb, it’s because they lack teaching and resources, or are in an environment that discourages intelligence. The most common indicator of this is the local economy- a brutal catch 22 of being poor meaning there’s worse resources for people, who cannot get ahead and thus end up poor themselves.

    There’s an old joke in the US that you can easily divide people up by their earning potential with a single simple number- their zip code. The same thing applies to test scores.

  • ysjet@lemmy.worldtoLinux@lemmy.mlSwitch from Ubuntu to something immutable?
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    I’d you want immutability and things that just works, snaps are the exact opposite of what he needs. I’m gearing up to swap away from Ubuntu for the same reasons as him, and the snap ecosystem is utterly fucked and accelerating my timetable daily.

    I’ve never seen something so damn broken, and it gets more so every update. It’s gotten to the point of where snap store will just straight up log me out of my session out of the blue when it finds an update so it can install it, losing all of my work.