US investigators have arrested the founder and CEO of a telehealth company who is accused of a running a $100m (£78m) scheme to fraudulently distribute over 40m pills of Adderall and other controlled substances.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland said that Done CEO Ruthia He conspired with the company’s clinical president, David Brody, “to provide easy access to Adderall and other stimulants for no legitimate medical purpose”.

America’s top law officer said the executives had exploited telemedicine rules that were loosened during the Covid pandemic.

Done Global, a San Francisco-based start-up, became popular during the pandemic as an online way to obtain Adderall by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Ms He was arrested in Los Angeles and Dr Brody in San Rafael, California, according to officials.

  • emeralddawn45
    1 month ago

    Plenty of people are addicted to caffeine too. Maybe we should stop with all the drug addict discourse altogether, because it’s dumb and counter productive and doesn’t get people the help they really need. Lots of people can use drugs responsibly and lots of people can spiral into harmful lifestyle situations without ever touching pills or powders.