• @Hazzia
    8 months ago

    Adlib examples for pretending to have a personality, perfect for the passionless husk of a human soul in your life!

    Hey hey hey listen listen listen. Let ME, tell YOU, about the wonders of [[ psyllium husk supplements ]]. THIS SHIT!? IT IS SO FREAKING [[ full of fiber ]] AND JUST THE MOST AMAZINGLY [[ potentially constipation inducing ]] thing ever. So pretty much everybody knows that [[ psyllium husk supplements ]] is good for [[ the gut microbiome ]] right? But what most people DON’T know is that [[ quality varies between brands ]] and that [[ you should research brand quality ]]. Isn’t that just just freaking great!?

    • Lettuce eat lettuce
      58 months ago

      Lol! Everything in moderation I suppose. But at least if I had that interaction with somebody, I would have an interesting story to tell people haha.