I have an app that I released a couple years ago (plus another legacy app that I maintain for one of my company’s clients). My game has a long-ish title, but it was fine until some asshat at Google decides that 33 characters is too long. On top of that, every time I’m forced to update the target SDK, I need to spend several hours figuring out a bunch of new build errors. This is not how I wanted to spend my vacation time.

  • 👍Maximum Derek👍
    309 months ago

    The second word in your title is unnecessary.

    Over the years I’ve had to work with Google maps, geocoding, Play, GCE, and more. Every time I have to work with any of it I swear it takes a time off my life. And then it’s virtually guaranteed that, just about the time I forget what a horror show the last event was, they’ll arbitrarily make some other massive breaking change to the SDK or APIs… or kill the product entirely. I’ve sworn off as much of google as I can both personally and professionally.

    Now I’m doing the same with Microsoft since they don’t seem to give two shits about security anymore.

    • elouboub
      79 months ago

      Google APIs are terrible to work with, but Microsoft is way worse in my experience. An API for one product may have been worked on by multiple teams that each had a different idea of how it should work.