A nightmare scenario previously only imagined by AI researchers, where AI image generators accidentally spit out non-consensual pornography of real people, is now reality.

  • @schnurrito
    278 months ago

    Seriously, speaking as a man, I have no idea why on Earth some of us men are willing to pay for things like the stuff described in the article?!

    I remember thinking the same thing a few years ago about Belle Delphine and her “gamer girl bath water”. I get it, I get horny too and have no idea how to approach women, but seriously, there is so much porn of all kinds out there entirely for free.

    • bioemerl
      8 months ago

      AI chat bots are something else. I don’t understand the people using them as girlfriends, but it’s like a whole new genre of porn.

      And you don’t have to pay. You can host it yourself. Look up a program called “silly tavern”