We’re a very small team with little experience in hiring but got approval for a new engineer. Basically HR will look for people through the usual channels and I think we have a reasonably good job description. Unfortunately the coding challenge (a 30h+ take home) is atrociously difficult and doesn’t really reflect what we do. On the other hand I think the false positive rate would be low. FWIW it’s a Linux application and it might be difficult to only count on experience from the CV.

Any ideas how to build a good challenge from scratch and what time constraints are reasonable?

  • @hi65435OP
    148 months ago

    Good point, I fully agree with you. Didn’t come up with it myself but it has been used for years already but I think HR also complained about it.

    Actually I did the challenge a year ago and it was only circumstantial that I didn’t decline. Yet, we need a good replacement for the challenge (or the whole interview process) because most of the workload is on me at the moment.