• PoisonedPrisonPanda
    8 months ago

    Hmm. I think the discussion turning around copyright and fair use is somehow the bedrock of this.

    You are right. Since we cannot even find a solution to work for nowadays breaches of copyright, it will probably be still problematic in future cases as well.

    But I also see the chance to get rid of something on the way.

    As we know what does not work, like copyright law execution and the uphill battle of forcing it, we can truly think outside the box.

    i do not want to take sides on certain technologies for now as I never truly looked into such special case, but I could think of some kind of ownership verificatiom mechanism probably backed by cryptocurrency even nfts.

    I do not expect for people to pay in full compensation for skills (capitalism shows us on youtube how some ecosystem is formed) but I am confident that the market will nonetheless finds some solution. We will get more of everything, this means trash, and this means copythefted content as well but summing up the content will be better, and skill will find a way to sustain and be unique on its own.

    Anyway I am drifting off. I see many similarities in piracy discussions here in certain comminities. Because if it can be done, it will be done, and I see no choice but making the best out of it during the way.