• @PoisonedPrisonPanda
    15 months ago

    Indeed. And I am more curious about whats possible instead of missing the good old days.

    Nobody can argue that a 1950 movie is better as a marvel multi million production.

    Even watching movies from the late 90s -2000s is a time travel and I assume most of the “good old movies” is of nostalgic origin

    However nothing that cant be done by modern movies.

    lifeless and boring

    Do you have an example for that?

    To me modern productions are putting so much effort in side story/side character building that it gets complex.

    Also that nowadays a good movie lasts 3 hours. Instead of the good old 90 minutes.

    • @flora_explora@beehaw.org
      15 months ago

      I strongly disagree with most of what you said. Especially Marvel productions to me seem to be terrible movies, or as I said, lifeless and boring. That was the whole point of my comment, i.e. that more and better technology won’t automatically make movies better, but that you need a certain creative element in there (that so far, only humans can come up with). Big productions already lost most of this human, creative touch. Most characters/stories are pretty one-dimensional, acting is boring because actors are mainly chosen by reputation, etc. My last sentence referred to indie productions then combining this new technology with a more creative approach.