I made my home here permanently now. It seems like such a friendlier place but how are you all doing?

  • MachineFab812
    7 months ago

    So much less clickbait and spam on Lemmy/kbin*, and what there is gets called out quickly. On reddit, I would open dozens of tabs a day, hoping for 5 or so articles worth reading and/or relavent comment threads.

    Here, sorting through the cruft is much easier, and I end almost every day with zero new tabs left open, because I’m actually reading what I open without exhausting my attention-span or patience for bullshit.

    *Although I sort by new and look only at my subbed feed, I am following hundreds of communities. As I picked a Dutch instance, following a few Machinist communities that migrated here, Local is a grab-bag of a few niche things I like, things I can’t read, and/or news that is mostly irrelavent to me to the point I have no context or frame-of-reference for it.

    Honestly, I prefer this. I never meant to let reddit content grab as much of my time and attention as it had over the years.