I’ve always just used konsole or gnome terminal. Never really looked into what else is available. Tried cool-retro-term the other day, but the novelty wore off pretty fast for me.

Curious to see if there’s a terminal someone swears by and refuses to use anything else.

  • @dino
    33 months ago

    Using alacritty for years on all linux devices, it does what its supposed to do. Recent change to toml configuration was a bit of hassle. But with the latest release the migration is no problem anymore.

    • @timbuck2themoon@sh.itjust.works
      23 months ago

      Honestly didn’t even know they migrated to toml. I upgraded and it said yaml wasnt supported anymore. I used alacritty migrate and only had to remove a couple deprecated options and it was fine.

      It’s why I keep it. It’s set and just seems to work well.