I currently use keePass, and use it on both my PC and my phone. I like it because I can keep a copy of my DB on my phone and export it through a few different means. But I can’t seem to find an option to actually sync my local DB against a remote one. I’ve thought about switching to BitWarden but from what I can see it uses a single DB with multiple connections. Is there a password manager that allows ultiple databases (one PC one Phone) with easy syncing between them - specifically from my phone? Or a way to setup keePass to allow syncing with a machine on my home network?

  • tofubl
    4 months ago

    This is the setup I have (Nextcloud, Keepass Desktop, Keepass2android+webdav) and k2a handles file discrepancies very well. I always pick “merge” when it is informing me of a conflict on save. Have been using it like that for years without a problem.

    Edit: added benefit, I have the Keepass extension installed in my Nextcloud, so as long as I can gain access to it, I have access to my passwords, no devices needed.