My phone’s just bitten the dust and now I need to look for a new one again.

Thought I’d test the waters and see what kinds of phones people on here are using nowadays and what for, what features set them apart if any etc

Bonus points if anyone’s managed to get mainline linux running on them either via KVM or bare metal

Edit: Thanks for everyone who talked about their choices of phone, I am now writing this on a fairphone 4 and am quite happy with it so far.

  • @cmnybo
    243 months ago

    The biggest difference is whether you can run a custom rom or it’s locked down.

        133 months ago

        Pixels (at least ordered from Google) allow you to unlock the bootloader without any exploits, so they normally have the best ROM support

        GrapheneOS is where a lot of the security work that ends up making it to other Android devices starts

        CalyxOS is a good option for more support for standard Google Play apps

        LineageOS is the original big ROM, but I think last time I checked, you couldn’t reenable the secure boot chain