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It’s nice to meet all you. I am she/her, can speak Toki Pona and English (non-natively), and locatable on Reddit as MozartWasARed. The links at and are pertinent to me.

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  • We can never know or speak for why anyone does anything, unless we’re relaying what the person says, because no matter what kind of act we’re speaking of, the only ones who can speak for someone’s intentions is that person. Anything else is putting words in their mouth, an educated guess, based on what we see and not what we don’t. People should stop emphasizing motives as much as they do. Sometimes a motive might not even be able to be manifested in words while still existing.

  • Monarchy is rule by means of individuals whose positions cannot change. That roughly describes the US. There’s so much imbalance and indecision and so much of the power where it shouldn’t be that it’s de facto no different from choosing between two lineages every four years, only to get screwed over each time by several of the promises being a sham. There are other proclaimed democracies that are truer to their word.