• @ericbomb@lemmy.world
    133 months ago

    It’s a great region of Eastern Europe that stretched into Asia.

    The massacres, genocide, and murder its ruling government has commited, supported, and denied is terrible though.

  • @noname_yet2077@lemmy.world
    113 months ago

    Russia is a vast land, has many varied and beautiful landscapes, rich folklore and maaany many unique reptile species! In terms of piracy, russia is also home for talented cracking teams.

    But when it comes to war… there’s a lot of savagery and monstrosity russian people done in the past. Sooo… yeaaah

  • @PeepinGoodArgs@reddthat.com
    83 months ago

    I love the US, too. I just hate what it stands for. So I’m not sure what you mean by “Russia“, the country and it’s people, the idea of it as implemented by Putin, or something else altogether.

  • Chill Dude 69
    3 months ago

    “Hey, what if we wrote out some propaganda on a piece of paper and took a picture of it? That way, it’ll seem like it’s a real thing, instead of some bullshit propaganda, churned out by a propaganda factory.” - Some Russian Guy In Charge of a Propaganda Mill

    I’d say “nice try,” but it’s really not a very nice try.

    As always, when I am confronted by Russian propaganda, I only feel like my intelligence has been insulted.

    • Lex
      03 months ago
      • Putin didn’t do it, Russian negotiators did it
      • This agreement contained only promises, not guarantees
      • Not a single European country has decided to guarantee this with its army
      • B. Johnson simply gave the order to destroy all of Russia’s static nuclear missiles if a nuclear war breaks out and nothing else.