⚠️ grandpa gaming inbound

In 2020 I checked some old backup disks of mine and found to my utmost joy a copy of my former UT2003 installation. This is a Linux native 32bit build that is now over 20 years old. Well, LinuxGaming is hard because who can support 500 distributions, right? This worked just fine in 2020 on Fedora 31. Today I gave it another spin in 2024 on Fedora 38 on Wayland with PipeWire 😀

Hell yeah, the muscle memory is still there 🤘🤓🤘

(tbf the SDL1.2 compat lib rocks most of this but it’s really all still there)

  • @shapesandstuff@feddit.de
    61 month ago

    Daaamn ut03 wasn’t easy to get last time i checked. Generally would say i prefer 04, but 03 was my first contact so it holds a special nostalgia to me. Will have to look again!

  • @nutlink@beehaw.org
    229 days ago

    2k3 walked so that 2k4 could run. I remember being so pissed when 2k4 was announced as a separate game from 2k3. I refused to buy it until they released the DVD Editor’s Choice edition, but from there I was hooked. So many awesome mods, like Red Orchestra, Killing Floor, Deathball, SAS Into the Lions Den, Frag.Ops, Air Buccaneers, Jailbreak, NeoTokyo, and Strike Force are the ones I remember the most. That game was the biggest one during our LAN party days because everyone had it, including our Linux brethren. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since we took that first step with 2k3.