Sometimes I like to look up the origin of the taglines. So I looked one up and found this old thread…

I don’t know this for sure, but I’m almost certain all of the other accts in this thread were eventually banned for being alts of DayOfDoom (HaruhiSuzumiya got herself banned during that thread about DayOfDoom’s banning by being sus about it, the other got banned around the same time for unspecified ban evasion)

Literally arguing with themselves, completely artificial thread, and managed to get into a tagline

My honest reaction to this information:

The tagline from this thread is:

Apart from further Luna Rossa flankers, would also recommend (re) testing more of the Prada Infusions for a less gourmand, sweet and/or woody, also fresher, crisper and more transparent take on somewhat similar notes, as well as the many AMen flankers, perhaps especially Pure Wood and Pure Tonka, while not entirely dismissing the other flankers and maybe also Kenzo Homme Boisee to certain extents