• Cowbee@lemmy.ml
    2 months ago

    “Probably 100 fold?” You’re deeply unserious, this type of irrational vibes-based analysis is peak Liberalism. Use some numbers, please.

    Explain exactly why being paid by the government results in less innovation than being paid by a Capitalist. The engineers doing the innovation get paid either way.

    The USSR beat the US into space. It was factually successful in innovating and did so at a more rapid pace. Multi-stage rockets were a major breakthrough. If you’re going to claim that this was built off of American rocket design, you can go back further and see that American rockets were built off Chinese design. Almost all innovation is breakthrough iteration.

    You do subscribe to Great Man Theory. You pretend that Musk, Bezos, Zuckerberg, and other Billionaires contributed billions, rather than exploiting and stealing billions, and believe this justified because they did some minimal amount of initial labor. The overwhelming mountain of labor and innovation was done by the workers they employed and exploited!

    You have nothing but vibes, you never made any concrete points. Typical Liberal Idealism mixed with Great Man Theory for good measure.