Pretty straight question.

I see is now the second most populated instance based on, with 3634 monthly active users.

I also know that Lemmy devs said that is bigger than beehaw, and only costs 80 euros per month for a dedicated server.

As has 3561 monthly active users, should we consider that around 3,5k-4k users is the sweet spot for an instance population, and stop recommending the ones that reached that threshold?

  • alex [they, il]
    11 months ago

    Someone on posted this as a comment, for users of instances that block it:

    wikipedia itself is more than fine, they just spend a ton of money on other projects thats what the donation drives are mostly funding (most of which suck tbh). Another org that does just fine funding itself through donation is the Organization for Transformative Works (i.e

    (if someone could repost this that’s not on an instance blocked by sopuli that would be much appreciated)