Pretty straight question.

I see is now the second most populated instance based on, with 3634 monthly active users.

I also know that Lemmy devs said that is bigger than beehaw, and only costs 80 euros per month for a dedicated server.

As has 3561 monthly active users, should we consider that around 3,5k-4k users is the sweet spot for an instance population, and stop recommending the ones that reached that threshold?

    1 year ago

    It is not just the number of users, but also the number of communities and subscribers.

    I believe that an instance can reach 10k users and have a couple hundred communities without too many issues, i.e, you could run things on one well-tuned database, perhaps add master-slave replication and scale your webservers horizontally.

    I do have in my mind that if my instance ever gets to this size (fingers crossed), I will close registrations and only open again to replace churned customers.