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  • Okay, let me explain something to your dumb hypocritical ass before you make a fool out of yourself any further:

    You’re clearly the only one being an asshole and a bully here.

    You’re the one being the – how did you put it? “authoritarian we should try to avoid”, and you’re the one being a worthless hypocrite on top of it.

    This is me talking to you via an alt account, an account I have because most people on Lemmy have at least 2 or 3 by virtue of federation.

    You did nothing but take a cheap shot at some innocent dumb fuck who stuck their oar in because you wanted to hurt me and my feelings. And judging from the rest of your account activity, you very blatantly do the exact same thing you accuse me of doing, all the time, non-stop. And you have zero self-awareness at all.

    So why would you even come here all offended at me in the first place, unless you yourself were just @FlyingSquid’s dumbass alt? I guess we’re all alts here, moron.

    It’s okay though. You’re acting just like me and I’m here for it. 👏

  • They don’t get that what repulses people is them, because other people know what they’re peddling is a pack of obvious lies.

    Like, who the fuck honestly thinks the Tianamen Square massacre didn’t happen? We have pictures EVERYWHERE. Motherfuckers in China who saw it or had relatives killed are still alive.

    Next they’re gonna argue the fucking Holodomors weren’t real or not actually genocides.

    🤦🤦🤦 I tripped and fell down a rabbit hole of abject scumfuckery the past 24 hours. Someone help me up.

    Also hi, I’m the one who found that thread and bitched up a storm about it on lemm.ee yesterday, how’s it going? Glad for the invite. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed it, either

  • How do you foresee tankies poisoning the whole fediverse?

    Because I’ve been watching what has been going on. Instances, big ones, that were previously hard-nosed about being defederated from them have mysteriously let them on their instances again, including this one. I signed up for this instance specifically BECAUSE it banned them, and then all of a sudden, for the past few days, my All feed is inundated with their crap.

    That is shady, sus, and wrong. A lot of people came here specifically to get away from tankies and their garbage, and now we’re expected to put up with it because the admins refuse to act and even let them back on? Explain to me how money, blackmail, intimidation, manipulation or abject retardation isn’t involved in that?

    Or how it won’t happen to other instances once those cretins get a foothold in a big enough percentage of the fediverse?

    It doesn’t even seem like they are trying to make a case, they are just bluntly stating misinformation. If we are going to remove all misinformation then we are going to need paid admins because even at the current scale its a full time job.

    The admin already accepts donations so he has no excuse.

    I see blatant misinformation everywhere on the fediverse already and only a tiny percentage is tankie related.

    You can thank the alt-right dipshits at .world for that, and that’s why I speak out now: unless admins’ feet are held to the fire and they’re held accountable for not protecting their users, it’ll keep getting worse. The admins made an instance they want us to use and accept donations to keep it running. Therefore they have a responsibility toward us they’re not meeting, and it results in dangerous shit like propaganda claiming the Tianamen Square massacre did not happen to run freely when it should not. That is crazy and you know it

  • I shouldn’t have to as that costs money. It’s the admin’s job to fix his server, not mine.

    If he’s a tankie or a supporter of them, he has a responsibility to us to be honest about that fact instead of allowing them to run roughshod and inundate the instance with propaganda. He KNOWS they don’t belong here but he’s ignoring the problem. That means he either is one of them, supports them or is being taken in by them. And that’s a serious problem that will affect the whole federation, not just this one instance.

    If tankies get away with doing that here, they’ll do it to other admins, and poison the whole federation. It’ll be impossible for new instances to flourish without kowtowing to them, and so it has to be stopped here and now with the bigger instances.

    EDIT: Welp, clearly I’ll have to, and it will be expensive, but we sane folks have no choice. These piece of shit admins on several different instances have shown us that they clearly don’t care about their users (this is not the first instance I have seen that’s pulled this crap).

    Let me see what I can do