Jaws 3 & Jaws: The Revenge to be released on 4K Ultra HD this summer, but we’re still waiting on Jaws 19

Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge will be released on 4K Ultra HD this summer, completing the giant shark franchise.

By Kevin Fraser

May 28th 2024, 8:31pm

Jaws 3, Jaws: The Revenge, 4K

If you’ve been looking to bring your Jaws collection into the realm of 4K Ultra HD, we’ve got good news! The original Steven Spielberg movie (star Richard Dreyfuss recently found himself in hot water) was released on 4K in June 2020, followed by Jaws 2 in July 2023, and now Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge will join them on July 23rd.

Below, you can check out some cover art for the 4K Ultra HD releases of Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge, as well as a three-movie collection that will include all three sequels bundled together.

Jaws 3, 4K

Jaws: The Revenge, 4K

Jaws, 3 Movie Collection, 4K

Jaws 3, also known as Jaws 3-D, stars Dennis Quaid as Mike Brody, the son of Martin Brody, who is now the chief engineer at SeaWorld Orlando. When a giant thirty-five-foot Great White Shark infiltrates the park and begins killing the employees, it’s up to Mike to save the day, all in glorious 3D. The film is also famous for representing the height of Quaid’s cocaine habit in the '80s, with the actor later saying that he was high in “every frame” in which he appears.

Jaws: The Revenge brought back Lorraine Gary as Ellen Brody, who is now widowed and convinced that another shark has been seeking revenge on her family. Upon release, the film was absolutely trashed by critics, even more so than Jaws 3, but honestly, it’s kind of fun. You’ve got to laugh at a movie with the tagline, “This time, it’s personal.” The film also stars Michael Caine, who took the role purely for the money after they offered him $1 million for less than two weeks of work. “It was only a 10-minute role. It was only 10 days’ work,” Caine said. “In Nassau. In the Bahamas. And they were going to pay me a million bucks for 10 days, and I said, ‘Hey, I’ll do that.’” In a story he’s told a handful of times, Caine insists that he hasn’t watched Jaws: The Revenge, but he has “seen the house it bought, and it’s marvelous.”

With Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge joining the first two films on 4K Ultra HD, the franchise will be complete… with the notable exception of Jaws 19.

  • OpticalMoose
    2 months ago

    I’ve grown to like watching Dennis Quaid onscreen. It’s not that he’s an especially good actor, he just gives me that 80’s nostalgia vibe. The cocaine story is peak 80s.