Would be so kind as to suggest a printer for me? I have no experience at all with 3D printers or 3D modeling. But I am super interested and have electronics and coding knowledge. I would like to print things like brackets, enclosures for custom circuit boards, organizers, keyboard plates, etc. Ideally I would like to spend around $300USD, but I am open to going as high as $500USD if it would save me headaches and make the experience more enjoyable and streamlined.

Please suggest something for me and let me know if I didn’t provide enough information. One final note, I live in range of a microcenter if that is a factor.

  • huginn@feddit.it
    1 month ago

    Looking at random Facebook marketplace postings I’d say you should go with a mk3s from Prusa. In NYC I’m seeing them for $350-$500 used and they’re fantastic printers. Very much on the tool end of the tool:hobby spectrum.