Hi all,

Recommend me a game! I’m looking for something casual (to play for 20-30 minutes from time to time), challenging (like in difficult to master), not super complicated (I don’t want to spend hours learning all the rules), but not super simple (when it’s too repetitive the patters get ingrained in my brain. anyone else has this?), cheap (don’t want to spend $30 on a game I will play from time to time). Must work on Linux and on an integrated GPU. Games I enjoyed previously:

What I did a lot years ago was to play single levels of games over and over until I totally crashed it even if I wasn’t that interested in the entire game. I guess what I like most is figuring out the smallest details of a game, not getting into long campaigns.

So, what can I play?

Edit: Thanks for all recommendations so far but I see I need to add one more requirement: no levels. I’m looking for something quick, in and out, skirmish, death match, melee type of game. Not something where you build a character, solve puzzles and so on.

  • DrRatso@lemmy.world
    11 months ago

    Your Only Move is Hustle - Basically a TAS Fighting game, the game plays like chess meets a fighter game, you preselect moves at the same time as your opponent, then they play out. Sounds super simple when explained like that but there are so many complications to this basic formula (cancels, bursts, DI, parries, to name a few), that it is actually very interesting.

    Omega Strikers - Air Hockey meets MOBA, although the game is dying a little, but the devs are still active and they just released a new character, their design never disappoints and the OST is fire.