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  • I don’t deny that the timing seems suspicious, would be awfully stealthy compared to the case of the killer windows and literally blowing up a plane. But I do suppose getting some powedered deathcap into his food would not be too difficult.

    I do wonder if the motive would really be the recent moon failure, like would they really assasinate someone over something so petty? Maybe Putin was so desperate for a public win and he can’t afford to try again?

  • At leadt in my language, hunting is not generally used in other contexts, so I can see why someone wouldfind it funny, maybe.

    Also, chanterelles are an absolute staple, probably the most common one. Others are russula and boletes (this one being the favourite for people generally). Some others commonly picket are milkcaps and parasols (personally their resemblance to deathcaps makes me uneasy).

    Deathcaps could be confused for Rusulas, some milkcaps and parasols.

  • Iirc it is the russula that is commonly confused for the deathcap and its variations (amanita) people usually report feeling like they have confused for amanita. The russula is a very common one to forage and I can kind of see the resemblance, but I also have not encountered an amanita that is too convincing at passing for russula, at least to me, especially if you actually look beyond the cap. So realistically you are right, I don’t really feel like you could forage the wrong one with experience, but people from all different backgrounds still manage to do it with a certain regularity, which is why I say this is plausible as an accident. It feels like too much work and they would probably have to cook the medical record since he was probably in the hospital for a bit before he died (yea, two weeks).

  • As someone from East EU, this is actually plausibly accidental, though the timeline is suspicious.

    Mushroom foraging is cultural, you can buy foraged mushrooms in farmers markets and in general it is a fairly popular leisure activity to go foraging in the woods.

    I hardly know anyone over 50 who isn’t excited for the mushroom season, sometimes people do end up picking up a death cap as it can be mistaken for a couple different edible ones at its various stages of growth, though you have to be fairly inattentive to do so. That said we treat a couple of poisonings a year in our toxicoligy ward.

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    Your Only Move is Hustle - Basically a TAS Fighting game, the game plays like chess meets a fighter game, you preselect moves at the same time as your opponent, then they play out. Sounds super simple when explained like that but there are so many complications to this basic formula (cancels, bursts, DI, parries, to name a few), that it is actually very interesting.

    Omega Strikers - Air Hockey meets MOBA, although the game is dying a little, but the devs are still active and they just released a new character, their design never disappoints and the OST is fire.