What do you guys think about this glasses to use daily to escape Facial Recognition? Worth the price? Does it really work?


  • Shurimal@kbin.social
    11 months ago

    I’m not an expert in security cameras, but don’t they only use IR at night?

    Precisely. And good security cameras with Sony sensors only need IR when it’s pitch black. During dawn, dusk and summer nights at Nordic latitudes they don’t even switch to night mode, showing sharp full-color image almost 24/7—watching that footage you wouldn’t even realize that it’s taken in natural light with sun below the horizon.

    And facial recognition is a standard feature these days. It’s become so good that you can have two pictures of the same person, one taken at age 15 and the other at age 95, and it can still say with >95% confidence that it’s the same person. And that’s the prosumer-level stuff available to every Jack and Joe to install to their small business or suburban house. I don’t even want to think about what the alphabet soup orgs could have access to.

    I have some experience with Dahua cameras and NVR-s. Their technical capabilities are both amazing and scary at the same time.