digital illustration of a male character in bright and saturated colors with playful and fun expression, created in 2D style, perfect for social media sharing. Rendered in high-resolution 10-megapixel 2K resolution with a cel-shaded comic book style , paisley Steps: 50, Sampler: Heun, CFG scale: 13, Seed: 1649780875, Size: 768x768, Model hash: 99fd5c4b6f, Model: seekArtMEGA_mega20, ControlNet Enabled: True, ControlNet Preprocessor: lineart_coarse, ControlNet Model: control_v11p_sd15_lineart [43d4be0d], ControlNet Weight: 1, ControlNet Starting Step: 0, ControlNet Ending Step: 1, ControlNet Resize Mode: Crop and Resize, ControlNet Pixel Perfect: True, ControlNet Control Mode: Balanced, ControlNet Preprocessor Parameters: “(512, 64, 64)”

If you take a picture of yourself in from the shoulders up, like in the picture, while standing in front of a blank but lightly textured wall it seems to work best.