More than six years after it was first teased, Legacy, the ironically-titled new game from once-legendary designer Peter Molyneux, finally has a release date. The blockchain-based business simulator developed by Molyneux’s 22 Cans studio is set to go live on October 26.

“Legacy will be seamlessly integrated with GalaChain, providing smooth and secure gameplay backed by a games-first blockchain that allows real ownership and real rewards,” publisher Gala Games said. "This includes the ability to bridge items to and from Ethereum for trade on secondary markets like OpenSea.

“Ownership and creativity take center stage as you get the chance to build and manage your business on your very own land!”

Molyneux was a true force in the early days of the videogame industry, with groundbreaking games including Populous—the great-granddaddy of the “god game” genre—Syndicate, Theme Park, Magic Carpet, and Dungeon Keeper to his credit. His run continued through the turn of millennium with Black & White and Fable.

It all took a sharp downturn when he left Lionhead in 2012 to found a new studio and launch Curiosity, a community-driven game/competition about chipping away at a giant cube which ultimately proved to be one of the most ridiculously overhyped projects of all time. That spilled over into genuine ugliness when the prize for winning Curiosity turned out to be “godhood” in Molyneux’s next game, Godus, which turned out to be a complete bust—neither the game nor the prize were ever fully delivered.

(Curiosity did give us this absolute banger of a headline, though, so it wasn’t a total loss.)