for context im in my early 20s and in a decent material condition rn so getting the AA isnt the problem, it’s just deciding which to get

CW: mention of alcoholism

so a friend recommended bica and i was pretty much just about to get it until i saw in the warnings section (on this website: that it said “Do not use or use with caution if you drink heavily” and since i’m an alcoholic (and have been for quite a long time, tried to quit a few times but always started drinking again) i think that i probably shouldn’t go with it.

so since i’m probably not going to be doing bica because of the alcohol related warning, what type of AA would you people advise i get instead?

edit: also how bad could it be if i just went ahead with getting bica anyway, is it worth just trying that out despite the alcohol risk? because it seems to be the best for what i want out of hrt that isnt ludicrously expensive

edit 2: i got cryptoscammed out of $70 asking some reddit cryptobro who i thought was just so interested in helping me because he was a chaser or something for help setting up a crypto wallet, now i wont be starting hrt for another month or so :( i feel like such a dumb piece of shit

edit 3: a friend offered to help cover the cost of all the crypto i lost so like hell yeah, im gonna get E soon after all