As much as I refuse to eye Hyundai and Kia again, an extra 1.5" was a big off-pavement difference for my third-gen Sorento. Give it tires, a solid front skid and it’d expect it to go where the approach angle, lack of low-range should let it.

    8 months ago

    I loved my Hyundais. Granted, I didn’t have them long enough to put high miles on them. If they still made a 2 door hatch I’d be all over it, but after 2011, accents in usa only came with 4. Veloster had 3, and I loved the hp increase, but I just want a dang subcompact hatch that still has the zip when I need it.

    New ones aren’t my cup of tea. Decided to nurse a Honda insight instead. If we need to go off road, it’ll be in a Toyota, though. Still, as absolutely bonkers as it is, I still find myself wishing for a tiny car that can 4x4 while not getting absolute shit levels of mpg. I’ll keep dreaming.