Bit of a simple question: Some people on lemmy are still posting stuff from youtube, xitter and the like.

Have you gone full fediverse yet or how far are you?

  1. traded reddit for lemmy/kbin
  2. xitter for mastodon
  3. discord for matrix
  4. youtube for peertube

Obviously I also mean other alternatives. Which ones do you use and why?

Disclaimer: this question is me asking genuinely but also trying to make it fun by arbitrary ranking/escalating it. Not trying to say one is better than the others.

    8 months ago

    xitter for mastodon

    This was step 1 for me, and it happened at the first rumbling of Musk taking over, though I don’t use Mastodon.

    traded reddit for lemmy/kbin

    This was step 2. I was using reddit and lemmy side by side, though mostly ignoring reddit, until the API change came through. I deleted my reddit account then and haven’t looked back.

    discord for matrix

    I did this a few months ago.

    youtube for peertube

    I don’t really use either…