GM took a page out of Bethesda Softworks’ release playbook with shoddy code that broke infotainment and limited fast charging to 5 kW.

    7 months ago

    I just read Edmunds dealing with 24 issues on their 2024 Blazer EV too.

    The infotainment issues don’t surprise me after my 2016 Colorado. The Chevy dealers were never helpful and then told me at 60k miles I was no longer under warranty 😑 really left a bad taste in my mouth that they can’t even guarantee hitting 100k miles and the issues were horrible since day 1. The infotainment system would just shut down or reboot itself randomly.

    These electrical issues are immensely worse when dealing with an EV since electricity is how you move…

    Really sucks to hear about all these issues with EVs. They’re supposed to be very easy to work with and manageable considering they don’t have the same components that a traditional combustible engine requires. But all this added crap keeps them down.

    Makes me wish I could get a stripped down truck from the 80’s with an electric motor instead of these smartphones on wheels for a reliable vehicle.