Trying once again to bring some life into this community.

I’ve been pretty much hooked on SHY. I thought I was really fed up with superhero stuff, but I’ve checked out the anime anyway and ended up loving it! It’s got lots of fresh takes on the genre (sometimes it feels more like a magical girl show) and Bukimi never shies away (pun intended) from adding all kinds of representation. Now I’m devouring the manga and it just keeps getting gayer!

I also recommend ‘Alcohol and Ogre-girls’, ‘The Princess of Sylph’ and ‘Show me Your Bust’.

    1 month ago

    Going to watch “jellyfish can’t swim in the night” eventually when I reach it in my anime backlog because I’ve seen that it has yuri Vibes, hopefully it has yuri vibes

    Also want to make people aware of the anime because the pictures I I’ve seen of it look amazing