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  • I get that AI has many problems but at the same time the potential it has is immense, especially as an assistant on personal computers

    [Citation needed]

    Gnome and other desktops need to start working on integrating FOSS AI models so that we don’t become obsolete.

    And this mentality is exactly what AI sceptics criticise. The whole reason why the AI arms race is going on is because every company/organisation seems convinced that sci-fi like AI is right behind the corner, and the first one to get it will capture 100% of the market in their walled garden while everyone else fades into obscurity. They’re all so obsessed with this that they don’t see a problem with putting in charge a virtual dumbass that is constantly wrong.

  • That is it. Normal people can do the same too

    To gain what, exactly?

    Is it really that hard for you to accept that some principled people may be genuinely against something that you tolerate?

    You’re seeing more of it recently because veganism is actually on the rise, both because awareness about speciesism is rising and because of climate concerns. Plus you’re on the fediverse, where the concentration of principled radical leftists is higher than other platforms.

    when human beings will also willingly put themselves into idiotic groups that do idiotic things

    And is this one of those idiotic things? Are you implying trying to reduce animal cruelty in the world is idiotic?