I just came here to say fuck the US Securities Act of 1933. I am sure it must have some very important reason for existing, but at the moment it is preventing me from doing anything reasonable with my money.

In all seriousness, though, does any US Person who has lived abroad somewhat long term have any experience doing money business in the country of residence?

Specifically, I am trying to put some money (15K) aside for further education in about 7–10 years, and I am looking for an option to at least keep inflation at bay. Every option I look at from a Swiss bank has a clause in the fine print, blaming the US Securities Act of 1933 for not allowing any US Persons to even look at or distribute the document. Archive.org

Is my only option to invest in American banks? I just worry that it will complicate Taxes to a painful degree. I would appreciate any hints in the right direction