Because is shutting down, here is my new Lemmy Account:

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  • Jumping on this to see if we can help each other out. I tried the lemmy Migrator and while Export works just fin, I get the following response when I Import, not only in DRY RUN Mode:

    *** DRY RUN enabled, no changes will be made ***

    [ Getting Main Account info - ] Logged into Traceback (most recent call last): File “/home/{user}/lemmy_migrate/lemmy_migrate/”, line 175, in <module> main() File “/home/{user}/lemmy_migrate/lemmy_migrate/”, line 148, in main sync_subscriptions(None, main_lemming, comms_backup) TypeError: sync_subscriptions() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘excld_comms’

    Also, when I try to use the Account Settings Export via the API, I use this:

    curl -v -X GET -u usrname:pwd > exp.txt

    I get the following Output: {“error”:“incorrect_login”}

    If anyone could help it would be amazing, I would be sad to lose it all. My AI of choice wasn’t any help btw, but my skills aren’t great with those things so…

  • There NEEDS to be an account migration option, with not only settings but also my saved posts and comments, own posts and comments etc. If not possible, at least allow an export in the style of a gddpr dump from the likes of facebook etc. to allow import at a later time when implemented.

    My instance is shutting down at the end of the month (~500 users) and there is no good way to export my data. I would not be surprised if some of the 500 get frustrated and stop with lemmy.

  • johnyrocket@feddit.chtoPrivacy@lemmy.mlPDF editor on Linux?
    3 months ago

    I am going to hop on this post to ask, if anyone has used a linux tablet for school? I am studying and have some regular classes like Math where I want to use a tablrt instead of paper. Some classmates have iPads and while there is some great software available, I would prefer something FOSS. Pine64 have tablets. Did anybode use them for thungs like pdf markups and math equation drawing? As it is my education and I havent been able to find an equivelantly good software I almost want to cave and by a shitpad so I can stop breaking my back with huge books for wich epubs are available.

  • I don’t know if this is the case in all countries or just some. If I were you (and if its legal) I would stick with your american bank accounts and just move some money to a new one in the countrey of residence. That way, you can accept paychecks and pay bills in that country, but you only have to create one account. Even that is a pain because you have to sign 10 different forms authorising the us gov. to do this and that with your bank accounts.