I would like to recommend Vector Pinball to anyone with even a passing interest in video pinball or video games.

I find this game to be very impressive, even more so as a free app on F-droid. I need to send this dev some cash, I have probably put >200 hours into this game and I am really enjoying it.

Things I like:
Physics are perfect.
8 boards
Each board plays very uniquely.
Great depth of play, the boards are complex and take some work to unlock/see everything.
Some boards are very difficult.
Unique look with vector graphics. Reminds me of Tron.
Pretty good music.

Things I don’t like:
My phone doesn’t have pinball buttons. Doing that on the screen is a bit awkward. Workable but awkward.
The ball can pass between your flippers with no chance to hit it. Often normal for pinball, this always annoys me. I think I should always have some chance to hit and save the ball.
Show me my score and high scores as soon as I finish a game. I should not have to press a button or wait for the scrolling to see these.