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  • Do you seriously believe it is reasonable for someone to get 20 years in prison for a few flecks of weed

    i don’t.

    where is this happening? and was harris prosecuting in place where this is happening? and why did you chose her as the “primary reason”? why not the arresting officers or judge? and why not the stupid decision to carry a weed when it is punishable by 20 years in prison?

    That also doesn’t cover the police’s long standing tradition of making up shit.

    and how is that the prosecutor’s fault?

    Also also legality =/= morality

    yeah… and?

    you are just cherry-picking random unconnected trivia that doesn’t even support your conclusion.

  • Their point

    oh geez, thank you for explaining someone else’s point, you must be quite an insider into their thoughts 😂

    was that they never “found out”

    that is not what was said

    why would you need or want to be that precise about your language

    you need to be precise with your language because that is what allows us to communicate ideas to each other and logic through arguments, eventually accepting or refuting them.

    for example you can call these two strawberry, and nuclear submarine, but it is going to seriously hinder your communication with others, because that is now what is commonly understood under these terms.

    you can see it in the comment we are discussing. because i read the implication original commenter tried to make as it never happened to me => it is not a problem that needs to be addressed.

    which is incorrect implication in itself, but more importantly, as i pointed out, the premise of the implication is flawed.