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    Well, an ability to buy stuff for a gun does not exclude the possibility to have an affordable healthcare. US does not have affordable one, but I live in a country with “free” healthcare and it is so shitty that I and my family need to go to private doctors anyway 90% of cases. We need to pay twice: one for the “free” healthcare in taxes and the second time at the private doctor. Admitedly, less fucked up than in US, but this still fucking sucks.

  • I’d argue there are more sides than just NATO vs China and friends. India often fucks over both sides

    No, there are no more sides. India was buying shittons of russian military equipment and stopped to do so since it is even worse shit after the soviet union collapse. India is not a third, autonomous pole in the world geopolitics. Another “two faced” country I can recall is Hungary. I think there is no doubt now that Orban is Putin’s cocksucking lapdog.

    glad we got em in NATO now, hope the rest of Europe catches up soon.

    I think the situation improves a little, I think France underperformed despite Macron’s bold words. Now the things may get better. But there is plenty to be done, and much more efforts to be taken, i.e. military spending like during the Cold War.

    as much as I shit on America, it’s largely because I’m also sacred. The US is on a slippery slope due to decades of ignorance and if the US

    When I am writing it, Britain and France voted, and the results gave me hope. These are very good news for Europe. I hope that Americans will go vote and choose whoever will be Trump’s opponent. I am so pissed by the “both sides bad”, “I am not voting” fucking tankie Kremlin trolls.

    If America falls and Europe doesn’t get its shit together, that’s good bye for Ukraine and then what?

    Baltic countries, Poland, other countries from the post-communist block, more… Especially given the resources taken in Ukraine. Europe would be fucked.

    Anyway, I wish for you and myself (also European) that the russian authoritarian scums will be stopped together with their lapdogs.

  • First of all, I made references to China and Russia because I wrongly assumed that you are a tankie (I perceive the Lefty Memes community as the nest of them). My apologies.

    And while it doesn’t necessarily make you a fascists, it does check the extreme tribalism flag. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_are_either_with_us,_or_against_us

    While choosing East vs West is by no means comfortable, it is actually true. You made examples of countries like Finland, Estonia or the Netherlands. The last one recently has turned far right, but overall countries like that, including Sweden and Norway are cool and as for me, the rest of the world could be like this, I do not expect more from the world and I saw too much to dream about some communist utopia. Anyway, such cute countries alone cannot compete military and thus geopolitically with behemots like Russia or China (though Sweden and Finland seems to have decent means to defend themselves). And history taught us that since the dawn of humanity the winner is the guy with the bigger stick. Even within NATO, the European countries are rather supporters to US. Therefore, at the global stage, this all boils down to the dichotomy East VS West or NATO (mainly US) VS Russia+Iran+North_Korea+China. In the end of the day, there are only us VS them.

    But boy, it’s funny you’d mention the Russian shithole, considering the US seems rather proactively aiming towards it. The republicans especially seem to have em as their role model.

    This actually scares shit out of me. WTF. I wish they had to live in Russian province for couple of months, that would be a good part of punishment. The US cannot be defended from outside, but only by itself (by republicans, to be precise).

    To the rest of the points I generally agree, but… If you pick only the shittiest parts of this country, you end up with such a picture. Again, I feel it is not right to equate the main trait of Nazi Germany (fascism) to US, who helped to liberate half of the Europe from this brown shit. Even in the case of genocidal China, “authoritarian” seems a more proper word. There is no consensus on definition of fascism, so neither you or I can provide more than such judgments. Back to US, even if it fails to realize the “American Dream” to many, it is RELATIVELY bearable hegemon in the history. And in the jungle, there is always one.

  • Both democrats and republicans say the fucking “you’re with me or against me” shit, like really???

    Is this really what makes a fascist? Almost every party in democratic world uses similar rhetorics.

    The US generally has a rich history of violently shutting down competing powers

    This is pretty much 99% of human history

    a 2 party system IS NOT natural for a democracy!

    and what to tell about single party systems, like China? Do you call them fascist too?

    American imperialist wars are pretty much build on forcefully spreading American culture at any cost

    I do not feel forced to watch “Top gun” or eat McDonalds

    (especially if it involves killing anybody claiming to be socialist or not christian)

    thanks god they did not kill Bernie Sanders

    From a young age US citizens are indoctrinated

    like any other fucking country, just look at Chinese schools

    the shit where they swear loyalty to the flag every morning is creepy as fuck

    still, rather weird tradition or aesthetics, not a fascism, for fuck’s sake

    Like christ, just look at how Americans treat foreigners

    they behave like assholes at worst, still millions of foreign people dream about living in USA

    Didn’t even mention the police yet…

    This sucks indeed, but this is not inherent to USA, rather to police in general.

    Summing things up, these accusations about fascism seems completely baseless and using the word “fascism” in the context of US is just making it meaningless and makes impression that US are similar to nazi Germany. US are imperialist at best, but boy, I prefer to live under US empire that fucking russian shithole.

  • In his book How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them (2018), Jason Stanley defined fascism as “a cult of the leader who promises national restoration in the face of humiliation brought on by supposed communists, Marxists and minorities and immigrants who are supposedly posing a threat to the character and the history of a nation” and that “The leader proposes that only he can solve it and all of his political opponents are enemies or traitors.”

    While this resonates with trump, could you tell me how this fits to other American presidents? What traits US poses to call it “fascist”?

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    For example, explain China increasing in manufacturing output as a percent of their economy as they enter and push into the middle income bracket?

    Exploiting cheap workers in inhumane conditions, resembling 19th century capitalism. Exactly what communism was supposed to end. China is getting robotized somewhat, since its society ages dramatically, but they want to keep polluting the world with cheap throwaways.

    Also, how the hell is the DPRK imperialist?

    DPRK constantly threaten South Korea and Japan. Apart the famous missile launches, it performs abductions, drug smuggling, marine poaching, and spying. And we have cyber attacks as well. The country is too shitty to invade another country full scale, but it does what it can do to be a bully, officially uses imperialist rhetorics and throw threats.

    If you can’t explain how the soviet councils were layered and how elections were carried out then don’t pretend like you can argue about this in an informed way.

    The elections were carried out in such a way, that an average worker had no chance to vote for a social demoratic party, anarchist party, or liberal democratic party. They even killed their communist opposition, Mensheviks. There is no democracy with a single party system, don’t be ridiculous.

    China uses a similar system

    And is a similar authoritarian regime.

    This is holocaust trivialization. The gulags were not meant to kill people, and the mortality rate in them reflects this.

    Setting aside manufactured famine in Ukraine and genocides like Katyn, very cautious estimates says that around 30 millions of people were victims of gulag, with lethal 2,7 million victims. This is probably massive underestimation, since many of gulag documents were destroyed in 2014. But hey, the mortality rate was smaller than in Nazi death camps, great job USSR! /s