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  • That doesn’t account for the frustration and confusion, the time wasted troubleshooting, the loss of property and time spent replacing it, the consumer trust violations, and the destruction of private property. They should face criminal charges for destruction of private property. By “they” I mean the executives who created and mandated this idea. Then they should be required to pay pain and suffering to each affected user at a rate of $100 per hour, with 5-10 hours assumed, and then have to replace the controllers they broke. Not give money to replace them, they should be required to immediately ship a new controller of the same type that they broke. Anything else is just lip-service, and a nice check for some random law firm.

  • I know a guy who has always taken 10x more substances than anyone else, and seems to still crave more. I watched him eat an entire handful of Percocet once, and then work all day like it was nothing. Half of one of the pills he took knocked me on my ass. I puked, then passed out, and slept for six hours. He was eating like 8 of them at a time, several times per day. He does the same thing with alcohol, and any other drugs he can get his hands on.