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  • The way it’s worked for a few years is that the bottom half of controller players are about even with the mid tier mnk players and then the top tier controller players are better than the top tier mnk players.

    It’s not an issue if you only play casually, but if you get into the high level competitive stuff it quickly becomes seen.

    I wish I was bad enough to not be part of the group affected. Games would be so much more fun

  • More or less anything “Open World” and to an extent single player in general. I just get bored and ragequit every time mechanics stop being fun (which tends to be 15ish minutes into any session of them). TW3 is a big culprit here. I get about 2 hours in, the combat gets super clunky and I quit, coming back 3-4 years later thinking it might have changed.

    I’ve been an FPS player since 2015 and that’s pretty much all I’ve played. Enjoyment in games for me comes from min/maxing a small to medium number of skills/abilities and applying them thousands of times in a similar gameplay loop. I’ve played well over 4,000 hours of apex legends alone, somewhere in the realm of 10,000 games and still could play more if the devs didn’t suck.

  • I regularly do 400+ mile trips in a day or two ( I’m a photographer ) and need to be able to quickly have range available in non major metro areas.

    Since I live in an apartment overnight charging isn’t an option. So I’d still have to go places to charge, which takes significantly longer than stopping for gas.

    Driving experince is subjective, but instant power with no real hp/torque curves makes driving really boring. There’s no response from the car, it’s just an On/Off toggle. There’s no real fun to driving it.

    Yes the sound is a major part. I’ve got a very nice, valved exhaust system on my new car that adds a ton to how much fun the car is. Hearing the engine, how it responds and how the power is applied is a major part of the fun of driving.

    If all you want is a car to get from point A to point B, an EV is completely fine, but as someone who genuinely enjoys cars and driving, EVs are boring and will 100% get you laughed out of most car shows.

  • At least for me the reasons are

    1. Lack of interest
    2. They’re ridiculously Ugly
    3. Range (I’ve driven 1500 miles in the last 3 weeks)
    4. Driving Experience is worse (opinion, but still something I stand by)
    5. Charging
    6. Price

    When I was looking at new cars an EV wasn’t even an option. I wanted a 2 door performance coupe and there isn’t anything even close to that in EVs, let alone on the used market. A 2014 Audi was a better choice in almost every metric beyond gas prices.