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  • Uh, what?

    Removing trump and Biden from the list, since one of them will see a second term, of the other 4 only Carter didn’t see a second term. Truman was only elected President once, but he served as President for almost 8 full years. Nixon won reelection, but resigned before his second term was out.

    And even if you go as far as saying that 3 of the 4 didn’t serve 2 full terms… I think it’s highly unlikely either of the 2 current candidates will see the 2028 election.

  • I was a low level IT guy many years ago and had worked for the company for about 4 years. There was a sales guy also named Bob that I would help out a few times a year. It was a small company, around 50 employees, and every year at the company Christmas party sales guy Bob would come up to me and say “I don’t think we’ve met, I’m Bob”.

    That pissed me off, but it is the only time I can remember where I was upset someone didn’t remember my name.

  • This is in regards to the N.R.A. bringing a suit against a NY official who had threatened banks and insurance companies in an effort to stop them from doing business with the N.R.A. after the Parkland shootings.

    Customers and shareholders of those banks and insurance companies can put pressure on them to stop doing business with the N.R.A., but government officials, especially in official acts, cannot.

    I’m sure if the details of this case were changed so that it took place in Texas, and instead of the N.R.A., it was Planned Parenthood… it would still be a unanimous opinion, right?