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  • The Microsoft Store and how to redeem games is so mind-numbly stupid. GamePass wowed me with their library and the subscription service. But how they do everything, from DRMing their games in a absolute mindfuckery app folder, to locking it into your Microsoft account and ecosystem, was so frustrating. Modding? Eat a Microdick. Hell, save files don’t even transfer between Steam and Microsoft GamePass games because FUCK YOU PLAYERS.

    I’m glad Steam was extremely proactive at moving off of Windows.

  • A few of the tech conferences that are more corporate, often lean conservative. Not like right wing “hell yeah MAGA”, but like clearly focused on enterprise technology, FAANG (Or whatever we call it now), and tech bros.

    The tech conferences focused on developers/non-corporate tech often lean towards liberal. Lots of Trans rights. Lots of LGBT flags. Lots of diversity of speakers and attendees. Usually also very open-source friendly and lots of bashing of major tech companies.