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  • Ah, yeah, Venom is just a suit in the same way that a TARDIS is just a box, heh.

    IIRC, isn’t it that you don’t actually wear a symobiote as much as it kinda completely absorbs you? Sort of like … After a caterpillar goes inside a cocoon, it … Dissolves. Into caterpillar goop. And then the goop reforms into a butterfly.

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    Beef tea was when people would boil jerky to rehydrate it. I actually do that at work sometimes! Most nights I enjoy bouillon broth on its own, but occasionally I’ll spruce it up with a little jerky, and it actually thicken up and get more tender! It also GREATLY enhances the flavor of the broth. When the dry night air of the office is bothering my throat, nothing satisfies quite like warm broth.

    (I get hot water by not putting any coffee grounds in the coffee machine. I also use this to prepare tea on occasion, and also ramen cups every once in a blue moon)

  • Huh. I never considered this before, but, the use of a shibboleth actually feels kinda related in a “two sides of the same coin” way to how dog whistles are used, aren’t they?

    Like, both are means of individuals using memetics to subtly transmit their IFF disposition toward their chosen faction in an ideological conflict.

    Except that the connotation of a dog whistle is that it also paints a target, drawing attention from their faction to designate a given subject, be it an entity or concept or object, as IFF-Hostile.

    Oh come to think of it, actually…! IF used cynically and manipulatively, accusing someone of using a dog whistle could ITSELF hypothetically be a dog whistle, couldn’t it?

    I feel the urge to clarify before I hit post that this is NOT an insinuation against you, though! I think you have a point, the person you’re calling out is legitimately being shady and evasive.

    Especially after that shit they said in their reply about “it’s not my job to educate you” – that’s one of my biggest red flags for social media grifting:

    When someone actually BELIEVES IN their rhetorical position, they’re usually excited to share its details with other people, not dismissive and terse, because social media is an arena where the one person we’re responding to is FAR from the only person who can be moved by our voice. Passionately elucidating one’s points may not move one’s interlocutors, but it CAN sway multitudes of observers who can become motivated to speak up.

    Feels kinda poetically similar to how our neurons arrive at the consensus of a decision in our brains and how bee colonies decide which flower patches to visit and such!