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  • You thought France had a 1.2 million USD per capita GDP? At that rate their GDP would be… 82 trillion. Dwarfing Chinas mere 18 trillion.

    Interesting point - you also picked countries with significantly higher population in close proximity to major trade routes and markets.

    Honestly, I went to a country per capita list, and picked out some names that stuck out. I’m not sure if you could ever find a country that’s really comparable, in many ways we are at the end of everything.

    Agreed- unfortunately low value bulky goods that fetch global price means it sucks for us consumers.

    One of my big pushes in the last year has been to pay attention to food miles when purchasing… and sweet fucking jesus. The cheap stuff we import, and then sell our expensive goods overseas for minor margins.

    Couldn’t agree more. 4 year election cycle, cut the crap and let’s get this country better.

    I think this is a trap. A lot of our problems come from how easy it is to change things, IMHO. I’m not going to go find a source now (eating my lunch), but our democracy is unique is how easy it is to change laws. A lot of other countries have more checks and balances than we go, eg a upper house. Though in comparison we have the check and balance of MMP and multiple parties having to form a coalition.