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  • The last thing I think about when I talk about Zuckerberg is his Jewishness lol. Why do you assume these people are autistic? Have you ever considered they’re just spoiled brats who were never taught to act properly because wealth doesn’t care about being decent people? Both Zuckerberg and Musk have demonstrated anti social behavior from their youth, from Zuckerberg scraping pictures of female students for male students to rate without their consent to Musk bullying other children about their dead parents. Maybe it’s autism, but their behavior aligns with run of the mill reactionaries regardless of whatever cognitive functions they have or don’t have. No one is thinking “HAHA AUTISM” when these people open their mouths because the majority of autistic people aren’t doing disturbing shit like them

    Sure, but that’s not hte joke in the OP. The joke in the OP is that Zuckerberg looks like a robot, which is a pretty well known anti-autistic trope that we aren’t human because we do not emote how an allistic does. It doesn’t even matter whether he’s diagnosed as autistic or not, that he passes as such and gets shit for not emoting (a thing I don’t do “correctly” either) is still having the effect of stigmatizing autism, just as accusations of Michelle Obama being a man are still transmisogynistic (and racist) even though she’s cis. Nobody should need a diagnosis to not get shit for having a “weird” face or showing what allistics think are “human” emotions. And Musk is very openly autistic.

    They do hate them, but also defend them (and Zuckerberg) because they “deserve” their wealth. But that aside, the reason people don’t call Bezos or Gates lizards is because they don’t act so strangely in public. Bezos is walking around flexing fancy silk shirts with his model wife while Gates is pretending to be a benevolent humanitarian while Zuckerberg is pretending to be social on live streams, wearing the same clothes, and talking about virtual worlds. Have you seen the way Bezos text? I don’t see anyone speculating about whether he has autism or whatever lol.

    They don’t call them lizards because they aren’t Jewish. Lizard people is a known antisemitic conspiracy theory. That’s the joke. We shouldn’t even be entertaining using “jokes” from Alex Jones types, that he’s Jewish should make calling him a lizard person unacceptable. We shouldn’t really be calling anyone lizard people for the same reason, but especially not a Jewish person. You’re probably right that most people aren’t aware that he’s Jewish, but the people who started calling him a lizard person sure as shit did and are probably quite pleased they got normies parroting their shit.

    People don’t call Zuckerberg a pedophile even though that’s a popular slander against anyone remotely liberal or Jewish because there’s no evidence he is unlike Gates.

    Yeah, because we’re not defending Zuckerberg as a person. I don’t particularly care if he’s slandered as a pedophile other than wanting people to have an accurate picture of why he’s a piece of shit. We’re defending autistic people from the friendly fire of brocialists doing shitty bits that stigmatize who we are because it manifested in a billionaire we hate.

    Also the CEO of Google is Indian American. If you think there’s no vitriol against him then you must be cherry picking your comments.

    If we’re gonna focus on who’s overall hated more, yeah. I don’t think the person you responded to should have necessarily made this about XYZ billionaire is hated more because they pass as autistic, but the ways they are attacked view the fact they pass as autistic as a vulnerability that can be freely exploited for cheap dunks, because how autistic comrades feel about it don’t matter to brocialists.

    Zuckerberg is about as visibly Jewish as Drake. That is, not at all. The only people in wider society who even remember they’re Jewish are weirdos and reactionaries obsessed with their backgrounds

    Again, it doesn’t matter if most people don’t know he’s Jewish. The people who do know push the lizard memes and are very happy that it’s mainstream to call a hated Jew running the world a lizard person, it grants them plenty of cover to be antisemitic in public and get away with it.

  • They are evil and there’s plenty to back that up, but yeah the lizard and robot “jokes” are socially acceptable ways for supposedly progressive people to get in on reactionary bits. There’s so many ways to attack them for the things they actually do and people want to focus on the fact he literally looks autistic and do the shitty robot bit we all dealt with in school.

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    No, I’ve pointed this out before how the robot memes are based on mocking these people for seeming autistic. Comparing autistic people to robots ia a whole thing, and while it is more complicated in media than being always unacceptable (ie Data is a beloved autistic icon) in this instance someone’s humanity is being stripped for looking and behaving like me. I blossomed under Covid specifically because wearing a mask means I don’t need to fake emoting how allistics expect me to emote.

    There only isn’t more pushback because there’s little faith people will take ableism seriously enough to drop a shitty bit. We already don’t tolerate calling Hillary Clinton a man or whatever other transmisogynistic garbage, the difference is that most of us are tauglht early on that sexism is bad, while transphobia is a central issue in the culture war - everything else follows from that and one can expect a struggle session to ultimately end in the favor of those pushing back against bigoted language, at least in most leftist spaces. Ableism meanwhile is pretty acceptable even on the left, it’s not just chuds doing it so it isn’t as easy to expect leftists to automatically confront it, and so a lot of us just let it slide knowing we are just going to be mocked for saying anything so we might as well play along with it

  • Korean gamer chuds are absolutely next level, like taking out blimps to protest companies not having sexy enough swimsuits in gacha games or literally having a character make an incidental pinching gesture, because they think it’s subliminal feminist propaganda mocking men for having small penises. A lot of Korean devs are fucking terrified of upsetting them. I would be unsurprised if there actually is a trend of Korean gamea being more overtly fanservicey as a result.

  • That is the kind of malicious thing being done, though. It sets the rhetoric that criticizing MTX is motivated by being a schmuck, you only would “genuinely” feel pressure if ypu were a schmuck.

    But here’s the thing, virtually no game, even the most predatory, has an undeniable “win for money” option. Having things be hazy creates the plausible deniability required for someone to consider a purchase (people tend to only pay for pay2win stuff if nobody will ever know) and to create this discourse. No matter the game, the communities that play it will at a minimum have a sizable contingent who will insist their game is not pay2win. It is never P2W. They always make a distinction, pay for an edge, pay to save time, and always couch it such that if only the critic were a better gamer then it would not matter. See Star Citizem videoa of people in Auroras beating much better ships - “skill wins” is the message that obscures the clear mechanical advantages that are on sale that are just as usable by a skilles players, or would provide wider tactical options and responses as flex picks.

    I’m not saying the MTX here is especially egregiois, but this discourse we are havimg even on an explicitly left wing forum is the intended effect, to blunt criticism for when they take this further, which they always do. The losa in save data control is a further escalation.

  • The issues.are not neccesarily about the game being fun or not.

    First, and most obviously, this is obviously about setting the discourse to then escalate at a later time. It is meant to create Gamers™ who will make pushing back on MTX exhausting, so that people will be less.willing to push back later as these MTX start paywalling more significant aspects of the game. This was done with lootboxes, battlepasses, horse armor, and most successfully MMO’s - every online game’s monetization is exploitative except mine, you wouldn’t need the premium store if you got gud. Deliberately cultivated fandom toxicity.

    Second, the shape of the game is being altered to accomodate this MTX. Save data being intentionally limited to make the MTX seem like it has a point has a negative impact on the game overall.

    Third, felony contempt of business model. These kinds of MTX can be used to frame modding and cheats as circumvention of DRM with monetary damages. For now, I think Capcom knows better than to push this, but the DMCA is broad and modding amd cheats are a direct competitor to this monetization model; it is inevitable this will be persued at some point, after previous escalations like bans. It puts DMCA takedowns of mods that do the same thing as in their interest to make ppssible.

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    It is also a serious boon to open source projects because it dramatically limits the damage a PR from someone new might accidentally do. Being able to reasonably expect that this fast, low level code won’t introduce memory leaks is part of why even end users tend to like Rust projects.

  • yeah unfortunately it’s extremely easy to come to a reductionist conclusion that because someone - even a disabled person that’s just kinda lib - said something that utterly dismisses the welfare of workers that then that means the literal words used are meaningless and bourgoise. food delivery - whether that be by shitty corporations charging an obscene surchrage, defunded programs like meals on wheels, or preferably you motherfuckers reading this right now constantly talking about how there’s no praxis for you to do getting on a fucking bike - is going to be part of a much larger structure of care for everyone, and relying on a strict medicalist definition of “disabled” through diagnosis will make shit much worse. make sure your neighbors are actually eating, even the ones you really don’t fucking like, because people don’t deserve to live or die based on whether you personally get along with them, and creating the dual power structures that enable everyone to continue existing as the US continues to crumble apart is going to be vital to any attempt at revolution.