On the internet, nobody knows you are Australian.

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To tell you the truth, I don’t know who I am either. Somebody sincere, perhaps.

But if you ever read this one day, I hope that you are as proud of me, as I am of the person I imagined you to be.

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    4 days ago

    That’s the reason most big name actors have their own production companies to work on their own movies, you have way more control over your own role compared to being just another actor on set.

    In any case, I think the audience still recognize great performances by individual actors even if the end product is badly reviewed or didn’t do well at the box office, and there are lessons to be learned from the “Suicide Squad” and “Amsterdam” and “Babylon” until you finally get a “Barbie” against all expectations.

    I hope he finds his own “Barbie” too.

  • I hope Bioware go back to their roots and take more inspiration from DA:O and BG3 instead of DA:I and go back to more tactical and less action-y gameplay. The overwhelming success of Baldur’s Gate 3 proves there is a market for traditional CRPG, especially coming from the the studio that made the first two Baldur’s Gate.

    Also, less Ubisoft/Skyrim-esquelarge empty open world and more carefully crafted maps with emphasis on choices. DA:I wasn’t a bad game, but if Bioware releases another DA:I in 2024 it will definitely be compared unfavorably to Bg3.

  • Instead of blaming people for the lack of housing on market because they are not moving out of their “starter homes” to buy bigger houses they don’t want or can’t afford, wouldn’t the obvious solution be to build more small houses/condos/townhouses?

    There is plenty of empty land everywhere in America, so it’s not like housing is supposed to be some kind of finite resource. The way I see it, this is real estate developers attempting to shift the blame for their own shortcomings to the consumer.

  • From the link you provided.

    Speaking with StyleCaster in a 2019 interview, Deschanel set the record straight once and for all, as many publications prior had mistakenly assigned blond as her birth hair color. “My hair has been the same color pretty much my whole life,” she told the outlet. “My hair is naturally dark brown. If you look at my family, my dad has dark brown hair. My mom has dark brown hair. My sister has brown hair. All signs point to brown hair.”