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  • I can’t tell you what to do, but maybe my experience will help you. My wife and I got two cats 9 years ago, a third two years ago and last year, unfortunately, one of our cats died, so after a while we filled up to three again because there was stress between the other two. I would say that what we see as “aggressive” is actually more defensive behavior, every time we brought in new cats there was a lot of hissing and growling. We always kept new cats in a separate room for 7 days, with a close-meshed door net attached to the door frame so that the cats could sniff each other but not touch. This has always worked really well so far and in the end they are always inseparable. I would try it, friends of mine had different experiences and had to give up a cat. But that’s not the end of the world either, in the end the animals should feel comfortable and if it doesn’t work out, you can find a better home for the new cat. Yes it would be stress for the new cat if it doesn’t work out, but in the other hand there is the possibility that it works out and it is less stressful for the animal than when it stays in the shelter.

    Additionally in between we found a baby stray cat and brought her up (took about 3 weeks of nursing) and our cats were much more open than with new adult cats. Maybe this baby bonus could work with your cat as well if you want to invest the time, it was a great experience. Especially because the cat would have died if we left it where we found it.

  • Switching from Firefox to Librewolf has some pros and cons. Librewolf is a fork of Firefox focused on privacy and security, with telemetry stripped out and privacy settings maxed out by default. You’ll gain better out-of-the-box privacy protections, meaning less tracking and data collection without having to tweak settings yourself.

    However, you might lose some convenience. Librewolf might not support certain Firefox features like Sync, since it relies on Mozilla’s servers (not sure about that point, maybe it does work). It can also break some websites due to the stricter privacy settings. Another thing to consider is that you won’t get updates as quickly as Firefox.

    Regarding browser fingerprinting, it’s a tricky beast. Librewolf can help somewhat by making your fingerprint less unique, but it’s not a silver bullet. Tools like uBlock Origin and container tabs are great, but adding something like the CanvasBlocker extension can also help reduce fingerprinting. Ultimately, no setup is perfect, but Librewolf is a solid step towards better privacy.

  • I am in a happy relationship since before dating apps became popular, so I don’t have first-hand experience, but that would be my last choice for finding a partner. For me, meeting someone has always been a matter of circumstance. I never went anywhere with the idea of meeting friends or a partner, so somehow everything just happened by itself and I have a great partner and great friends. I would say you should just follow your interests and try to be happy with yourself, then the rest will come by itself (of course it’s easier if you go to a sports club instead of doing sports with your favorite youtuber or take a pottery class instead of reading a book at home if you have the vague goal of making new acquaintances). Plus openness, honesty and a bit of humor will get you further than any dating app, I’d say.

  • And then you also have different meanings depending on pronunciation, here some examples:

    • umfahren: to drive around something or to run over something

    • Montage: the act of assembling or the plural of Monday

    • übersetzen: to ferry across a river or to translate into another language

    • umschreiben: to rewrite or to paraphrase

    • durchschauen: to look through something or to understand

    • unterstellen: to place something underneath or to imply or accuse someone of something

    • unterhalten: to hold something underneath or to support or to converse with someone or to entertain

    • wiederholen: to fetch something back or to repeat something

  • I never installed Linux myself, only used it for a bit, so what do you have to do to not be a complete noob? This is only a half serious question, but what do you think you have to do, to be a proficient Linux user? This sounds a bit like when I got my master’s degree and did not have the feeling that I know anything or have learned valuable skills, but to someone with only a high school diploma I would look rather proficient.