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  • It all depends on how many different colors of floss I need to buy, how complicated the pattern is, and how big it needs to be. If it’s something I can knock out in a week or two I’d probably charge like $50, but if it’s something I have to dedicate the better part of a year to that’s going to give me fits then you might be looking at $300-$400. If you can send me a link to the image you want I can give you a better idea. You can just send it to me directly since I don’t think they want NSFW stuff linked in this community lol

  • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree there. I thought Mandalorian made good use of western tropes within the context of a Star Wars story, whereas to me it seems like Acolyte is almost trying steer away from being a Star Wars story at all and just including the bare minimum to still be a part of the franchise. Kind of like what Zack Snyder tried to do with Rebel Moon where he wrote an unrelated movie and then tried to shoe horn it in to the Star Wars universe