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  • My personal thoughts, I’m glad to see [[Recruiter of the Guard]] make it in, though I would have also liked to see [[Veteran Explorer]].

    In terms of power level, I think it looks like less than MH2 which is good, but I guess I’ll have to see where the Flare Cycle ends up settling. All the best cards seem to be highly dependent on energy which limits their viability, unless a super powerful energy deck emerges I think they won’t be a problem. Still possible that Necrodominance, Ugin’s Labyrinth or Ugin’s Binding could cause issues.

    My only real disappointment is that despite Eldrazi being a big selling point, all the best colorless cards look like they’ll work better in Mono-G/U Tron. Kozilek’s Command seems like the only big pickup but even that doesn’t seem like it can handle all the new threats that E-Tron folds to

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    24 days ago

    Well, I don’t, this was just luck. These all came from a tree near my apartment that my girlfriend spotted. She noticed them when they were unripe and went out as soon as they were ready but she definitely had competition from the birds.

    Edit: she mentioned that the tree was near the road by a bus stop, so the traffic may have kept them from eating too many of them